Receivership is a valuable tool and choosing the right Receivership Management team is critical.

Black Briar is a team of like-minded professionals, each with at least 25 years of hospitality experience, much of it dealing with distressed assets. That means we are uniquely qualified to make tough financial decisions, such as enforcing strict expense control, making the operational cuts needed to quickly stabilize the hotel, to enhance its cash flow and profitability.

Black Briar can help you navigate through receivership from start to finish. We will protect the interests of hotel owners and investors, throughout every stage of the receivership cycle, from the securing of the hotel, to the stabilization of the asset, and the enhancement of the property’s overall value.

Bottom Line… we’ve lived it before, and we understand better than most what needs to be done, and we aren’t afraid to do it.

Key Points  Regarding Our Receivership Experience:

  • 24 hotels in and out of bankruptcy – 700 million in value with no recourse
  • Reorganization Plans
  • Court Preparation & Court Reporting
  • US Trustee Experience
  • Brand Relations – We’ve had seats on two boards
  • Extensive hotel operations and finance experience 
  • Lender Strategies 
  • Vendor Relations. Supply Chain. 
  • Internal control – Cash, Supplies, Inventory, Security

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