About Us

A solid leadership foundation is one of the most important assets in today’s highly competitive industry.

About Black Briar Advisors

Unlocking Potential in Distressed Hospitality

At Black Briar, our philosophy for successful hotel management is not only an understanding of the requirements of ownership, but an embodiment of this viewpoint in all aspects. From our corporate leaders and professional management teams to our dedicated associates, we are all operators at heart.

We are comprised of deeply committed industry veterans, focused on a practical, positive, and proactive approach as the driving force. This proven formula of the dedication to exceed expectations, while ensuring our associates thrive, enhances the overall management experience.

Meet our Executive Team

Black Briar Executive Team

Bruce DelValle

Executive Vice-President & General Counsel

Marcia Brinton

Chief Administrative Officer

Robert Schamber

Chief Operating Officer

Melody Pleasant

Senior Vice-President, Sales & Marketing

Steve Bozzay

Senior Vice-President, Asset Management

Maritza Vicente

Chief of Staff

Chris Duval

Senior Project Manager

When you partner with Black Briar, you gain a strategic ally committed to your success.

Our collaborative approach, innovative thinking, and relentless pursuit of excellence set us apart from the competition.